Integrating high-end custom-made design furniture within your contemporary interior project

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Combining new furniture with existing pieces calls for reflection and study, but will definitely give your new interior a more authentic, eclectic and personalised look.


Custom-made furniture and unique designs

all furniture objects were originally designed upon request for a specific project or a client. mobilier sur-mesure : bookshelves, tables, sideboards.. My aim is to create an original and exclusive design object that will lend added value to the space. All objects are realised in pure, natural high-end materials and handmade by craftsmen in Belgium or Italy.

Objects come to life in their surroundings

Particular pieces of furniture can be reintegrated because they give it a purpose. They will give a soul to your new interior project.

My creative background as a stage designer comes into its own; re-upholstering a chair, hanging a carpet as a piece of art, making a decorative item functional.

By incorporating the new, your interior will look highly eclectic and unique.


Groeselenberg, 110
1180 Ukkel (Brussels) - Belgium