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A lighting plan should be functional and atmospheric. The right light for your activities together with the ambient natural light gives you the feeling of comfort. When everything is in balance, you have created the right atmosphere.

Lighting © Inge Lagae

Illuminate your interior

Which kind of light should go in which room? How to create a warm but almost natural light effect in the bathroom? How do you create ambient light in particular rooms ? Where does the natural light comes in ? Those questions will be answered in your lighting plan.

Looking for balance in the light plan will determinate the different kinds of lighting instruments needed. The right combination of lighting instruments and ambient light objects can be discussed with the light engineer or with the consultancy department of the supplier of the light system.

Exclusive lighting

As a designer, I love to collaborate with fellow light designers. Original creations can be custom made for your new interior project and combined with light instruments of for exemple the Belgian brand Modular Modular Lighting Instruments


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